Enliven the walls of your house with a fresh coat!

Get rid of the stale, boring and dull look with a fresh coat of paint. Rejuvenate the entire look and atmosphere of your business location and home. When it comes to interior and exterior general painting, we offer you with top-notch services without charging much.
Here at PC Decorating, our team of experienced painters and professionals can deal with the most worn-out coat of paint. We can add an exceptional touch to it with professional tools, high-quality paints, rich colors and quality finish. We let the walls speak volumes about the quality of our work.

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Showcase the charm of your personality with exciting wallpapers!

Wallpapers offer more options than a simple coat of paint. From varying textures to interesting patterns, wallpapers breathe life to the blandness of your walls. Where wallpaper installation is a creative process, without the right tools it can be a tedious and challenging task.

Here at PC Decorating, we provide you with professional installation service that can transform your room with stirring patterns and elegant textures. From choosing the right wallpaper for each room to removing the worn-out wallpaper, we make sure that the fresh layer of wallpaper adds a sense of vibrancy to your house.

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Maintain the natural woody look of your floors.

Even though regular varnishing and maintenance are not needed with wooden floors, but doing so can restore the original condition and add the desired wooden effect of your floor. From specialized machines and the right processes, we assure you with high-quality varnish and sanding of old and new wooden floors and floorboards.

Here at PC Decorating, we aim to give your home a complete makeover with the top of the crop services. From dust-free floor sanding to top-notch lacquer, we restore the beauty and appeal of the wooden floors. With a guarantee of zero-mess within your premises, our experts and professionals leave no stone unturned to give your floors the finish they deserve.

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Freshen up the guise and get rid of the squeakiness of cabinets and staircases.

The fact is: your cabinets, wardrobes, and stairs are not as bright as before. Eliminating the need for remodeling expenses, you can easily revamp your staircases, cabinets, and wardrobes. Giving your wardrobes, cabinets, and stairs are the new coat of paint that minimizes splinters and keeps the wood damage-free.

We at PC Decorating, we provide you with proven processes and products. Since remodeling the cabinets, wardrobe and stairs can cost you a lot, we provide you with a highly affordable solution through professional painting and fixing services. Serving each customer with quality service and products, we offer you with hassle-free, mess-free and high-quality experience.

With reasonably priced home renovation services, we are well-aware of every aspect that goes into giving your home a face-lift.


Benefit from top-notch home refurbishment services.

There’s no denying that over time your walls, ceilings, and floors lose the vibrancy of colors leading to dull and faded shades and tone. Giving your walls and ceilings a new coat of paint is all you need to do to improve the appearance of your interior. Where a new layer brings a dramatic change, it also helps in reducing porosity, slates, cracking and delamination.
Here at PC Decorating and painting, our highest grade products and professional ensure complete restoration and refurbishment, leaving your place as good as new. With our comprehensive packages, our products and services are the right solutions for repairing damages to roofs, walls and floors.

We go above and beyond for giving your place a rejuvenated look. Make the most of our offerings to have a great renovation experience.


Resolving the minefield of interior/exterior renovation.

The place you work at or stay in says a lot about your lifestyle. The way your place makes you feel is what determines the need for renewal. The capacity and sections of the place should be well-aligned with your way of living and comfort. The design and structure of the place should match with your needs and preferences for convenience.
Here at PC Decorating and painting, our experts specialize in turning any mediocre building or structure into the work of art. From changing the color themes to upgrading the outdoors, we facilitate in all aspects of maintenance, upgrading and renovation. We offer expert services in remodeling every room and section to give a lively and engaging vibe to your place.

We offer tailor-made renovation services. Give us a call to get comprehensive consultation on turning your good old place into a new one.