Your full-service company for all-inclusive renovation services.

Whether it’s about changing milieu of your house or giving a new look to your firm, getting the job done in the minimum budget is the priority. With the aim to take the stress out of the renovation process, we provide you with a wide range of services and benefits to ensure a quality customer experience.
Here at PC Decorating, we offer the expertise of professional designers, engineers and procurement agents at one platform. Striving to refurbish every object and space, we make sure that our services and products are a perfect fit for your needs and demands. We excel in domestic and commercial refurbishment with services framed around the preferences of our customers.

Pairing the creative flair and expertise with thoughtful refurbishment plans.


Competence. Comprehensiveness. Customer Satisfaction.

From the maintenance of high standards to upholding every customer’s need and demand, we provide complete support for the realization of every renovation project. With a team of experts and experienced professionals, we offer the right solution for both customers of all types and categories.
Our all-round skills and expertise in the interior, exterior, commercial and domestic refurbishment give us a competitive edge in the market. We use and provide the highest grade products and materials to ensure top-quality and comprehensive renovation. Our experts analyse the premises and surroundings of the place and provide you with in-depth advice and consultation about areas that need renovation.

Delivering high-quality services in efficient, mess-free and clean ways.


Add a fresh new vibe to your home!

When it come sot hiring the house painter, trust doesn’t come that easily. Finding the right house painting service is daunting. Here at PC Decorating, we help you in transforming your house into a beautifully decorated and thoughtfully painted home. Whether it’s a complete repaint or a simple wall-accenting job, our team of expert painters will do just the job for you. With a wide-ranging suite of services, we provide you with accurate, timely and quality painting services.
With years of painting workmanship experience, PC Decorating provides you with bespoke repair and revamping services and products. We add the right colors and homely vibe that not only reflects your personality but also uplifts your mood.

Give house the makeover you always dreamt of!


Your one-stop-shop for all renovation solutions.

Whether your space needs them and color change or repair work, we ensure you with quality services with minimum disruption and budget-friendly cost. Whether it is about the floor coating or the awning removal, we value and care for your long-term investment. We get the renovation job done with precision, flexibility and a faster pace.
PC Decorating provides you with the most convenient and efficient commercial painting services for projects of all sizes and categories. We take great pride in our services, given the unparalleled customer satisfaction records. We offer on-demand and professional service teams committed to making the commercial revamping process easy, simpler and cost-effective.

We are more than just painting service providers, we are the best renovators in the town!